Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I buy a copy of the Airdrie video?

Answer: Yes. We didn't even think about releasing the video until some Airdrie fans inquired. NOTE: This COPY runs on a computer and not on a DVD player.  If you want one, send $15 (includes shipping) to the link here at Paypal. You can also send a check to PO Box 997, Nortonville KY 42442. Just make sure you note what it's for.

2. Where can I buy the book, A Mile Below Paradise?

Answer: Lisa no longer has any copies for sale. If you are interested in a copy, feel free to contact her to get your name on a list in case there is another print. 

3. When is your next book coming out?

Answer: Not soon.  "I have a project I am working on, but do not have a release date. (Or finish date for that matter.)"

4.  Will you do a history video on The Secrets of the Asylum research?

Answer: When asked that the first time, we thought. "Hmmm...that's a good idea." Yes. This project has been placed on the official to-do list.

5. Will you sign my book?

Answer: Yes. If you're interested in a signed book, contact Lisa on the contact page and we will inform you of any signing and you can bring your book then.

6. Can I buy Secrets of the Asylum?

Answer. Yes. If you send a message through the contact form, we will send you a link for payment through paypal. If  you mention you read the FAQ here on this page, you will get 20% off the book. (Sells for $15.)

7. Where are your other books located?

Answer: You can buy most everything online, but it may be pricey. You can usually find the history books at the Historical Society of Hopkins County and Readmore in the mall in Madisonville keep a good supply because they're awesome. Cayce's Pharmacy in Hopkinsville carries the Asylum book.