Secrets of the Asylum

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Secrets of the Asylum is a fiction novel placed in the setting of a real historical landmark. While reading, discover the real hidden tunnel, Civil War history, and fascinating past of a psychiatric hospital. The author has gone to great lengths to include real facts about the facility's heritage while offering an entertaining story to help the reader remember the origins and past of what is a revered hospital in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Story Line Synopsis: "After searching for her birth parents, Jane Braxton goes to extreme lengths to uncover the mystery of her birth and finds a past she wishes she had left alone. When it seems that all hope is lost in uncovering the truth, she finds an unlikely friend in a young psychiatric nurse named Eliza."

"I do not usually read fiction, but I thoroughly enjoyed your book, Lisa. Well done. It kept my interest and you have outdone yourself. Fantastic. I highly recommend Secrets of the Asylum. - William Turner, Christian County and Hopkinsville Official Historian

"This book is near and dear to my heart for many reasons, but two of the most important are that Lisa and I were friends in high school and her book paints a beautiful picture of those who work in mental health and those who have mental health issues. She has placed her story at Western State Hospital and mentions several local spots that many of us from here will recognize. And, not to mention, it's just a fantastic read!!! ...I think you would really like the positive spin she puts on mental health. The first book I have ever read in which those with mental health issues are also normal". - Lori M.